Trademark Search API Service revolutionizes the intellectual property industry with its cutting-edge Trademark Search API Service, designed to empower IP companies with advanced web search and internal application enhancement capabilities. API is a prompt and convenient way to integrate systems, allowing them to collaborate with various software, systems, websites, browsers, applications, and servers. Trademark Search API Service integration enables innovative automation, leading to greater employee productivity, reducing human errors, enhancing the customer experience, and thus improving your company’s overall performance.

Benefits for Intellectual Property Companies:

By incorporating's service, intellectual property companies will benefit from the following:

  • Performance improvement: The Trademark Search API service can be connected not only to the website but also to your internal software, e.g., CRM, planning/management, financial/accounting, etc., allowing the companies to automate their everyday routine.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) effect: Google will rank your site higher in the search results when it discovers that users spend an hour or two on your website instead of 30–40 seconds and view dozens or even hundreds of pages instead of just couple of them.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Clients get accurate search results quickly, improving their overall experience.
  • Increased Efficiency: The AI-driven search reduces the workload for legal teams, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Customization and Branding: The API solution ensures that the service corresponds with the website's design, maintaining brand consistency.
  • Competitive Edge: Offering advanced search capabilities sets your website in a more favorable position compared to competitors.

Now, when trademark protection is more important than ever,'s Trademark Search API Service offers intellectual property websites an unparalleled tool to enhance their service offerings. This innovative solution not only streamlines trademark searches but also strengthens the websites’ position as leaders in the intellectual property domain together with smart solutions for your internal software.

Technical implementation:

API (application programming interface) integration is a complicated process that requires interaction with a client’s technical team. The terms and conditions of its implementation depend on the client's needs and requirements: e.g., the number of internal applications to which's Trademark Search software shall be connected and their complexity. But normally, the implementation period does not exceed 2 weeks.